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A couple days ago I asked a client to make a blog post about why he hired a coach and his experience thus far.  I knew he would provide a great blog post, but he really over-delivered on this one!!!  Check it out below, I hope you enjoy!  Also be sure to check out his blog at


Personal Trainers/Coaches??!!

What’s up??? Another great day under my belt!! The topic I am going to write about today is personal trainers/ coaches!
Do you really need one ??

Think about this for a minute or two!! Pick your favorite sports figure! Do you think that they just woke up with it one morning ?? I mean alot of professional athletes are gifted in there sport! But let’s be real! They did not get to that level by themselves !!! They have had trainers/coaches and still do as PROS!!!!

I would say by far the best choice I have made in my lifestyle change and fitness program was to hire a coach/ trainer! If you have goals in your mind and you are working toward them , GREAT!! But the ? Is are you getting the most out of your diet, training program, support from peers, family ect…??????

See I know alot of people get there membership at the local gym and within a few training sessions they are in there comfort zone. Doing the same exercises every time they show up!!!

Are you going to reach your goals this way???
See I never paid anyone to help me train! I have a close friend of my that is a personal trainer and we were training partners for a while. I had learned Alot from him and thankful for everything he shared with me! Where I am going with this is, if you don’t know what your doing are you really making progress ? Yeah anyone can go in the gym and do cardio, lift free weights and say they had a great workout which they may have! What happens when the changes don’t happen that your looking for in your body?? You don’t lose anymore weight? You have “hit the wall”??? What you give up???

NO!!!! Find someone that KNOWS what they are doing !!!!! Not every personal trainer out there KNOWS what they are doing !!! Trust me, just google it, you can become a trainer in a matter of minutes for a fee and you can even print out your cert right then!!!

Research what you want!!!! Find someone that is going to work with you and write you a diet and give you the right training exercises to hit those goals that you have set!!!!

I will start this next part by saying this is not a sales pitch for my trainer/ coach!!!!!
You have to find someone that you can connect with and they understand you and your goals!! Someone that is not just going to take your $$ and really not care if you ever meet those goals!!!

My man Jason Phillips is out of this world!!! From the first email he has been all ears! He knows what I want and he know his stuff, cause in 5 weeks my body, and life have changed so much it’s really unbelievable !!!!!
He has pushed me so hard and guess what ? I have NEVER been trained by him in person one time!!!!!!! I have 24 hour access to him ! Anytime, anything!!! If I have questions about something I just ask! And yeah I may not like the answer he gives but I listen and learn from him!!! I have followed everything he has told me to do and WOW the changes!!!

I told him in one of the first few emails that I wanted a six pack !!! Every guys dream right??? No I mean I have NEVER dreamed of having one !!! He told me flat out, it’s going to take hard work and to stay on track for you to reach that goal! And let me tell you it’s coming!

In closing my point here is that if you want to get the most out of working out or a diet to help you reach your goal don’t do it alone!!!!
Don’t just go to your local gym and ask any trainer for help!! Research them!!! See what they have to offer you! Are they just looking for another quick buck ??? And remember like everything in life you get what you pay for!!!! Lol

If you are REALLY ready to make a lifestyle change look up !!!!!
Take the next step ! What are you waiting for???????

More pics coming soon ! Thanks for reading and check back!!!

Till the next set

“Get Some”

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