Client Update – Mike Simmons

Front Relaxed progress 7-14 - 9-15













About a year ago I started working out at Cynergy Fitness in Bluffton, SC.  I was in and out, only using the gym when I went home to visit my family.  While there I would constantly run in to the same couple, two really cool people.


Time went on and we would make small talk, but never anything major.  The more I saw them, the more questions I started to get about diet, training, etc..  Well about 12 weeks ago Mike finally took action, he hacked to join my coaching program.  I was stoked (maybe more than he was) because I knew the insane potential he had.


Mike is an aspiring professional wrestler.  He just relocated to the Atlanta area and will begin wrestling school in the winter of this year.  Watch out for this beast – I am creating a monster that will be coming to a television near you soon!!!!


Here is Mike 10 weeks into his transformation.  Our goal has always been not on aesthetics but on performance.  As you can see, when you train to perform the physique follows.  He is 13lbs lighter but looks A LOT BIGGER!






More pics to come as the transformation continues!!!


His wife has a kick ass transformation too – check it out HERE

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