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As many of you know, I’m a “student of the game.”  For me this means not only training and nutrition, but business and life as well.  I have never been afraid to ask for help, and have hired several of the worlds top coaches from each of the above industries.  Not only am I confident in saying that I am one of the top trainers and nutritionists available, but I also can stand strong in my belief that I am better and more well rounded person.


With that said, this blog post is directly inspired by one of these “mentors” Vince DelMonte and his end of the year recap.  Vince is someone I look to with great respect as a trainer and person.


Perhaps this will become a yearly series like his, but for now its a starting point.


I try to be as candid as possible with all my posts, so by all means please post up your comments at the end and let me know if you have any questions.  Here we go:


1 – Failure is necessary in life, but not in training.


In my writings I often talk about “failing forward.”  Never did I know the true of meaning of this until this last year.  As a business grows, there are lots of growing pains – and naturally lots of failures.  Over the last year, I learned more from my mistakes and failures than i had in 27 previous years of successes – pretty cool stuff.  On the training end, this was also the first year of my life that I decided to adopt somewhat of a powerlifting approach.  The more I read and studied, powerlifting training takes the Central Nervous System as a high priority – therefore rarely going to failure.  It took awhile for me to get used to this, but I can honestly tell you I’ve had some of the best gains in my life this last year.  My deadlift and squat are both well over 100lbs higher (deadlift closer to 200lbs higher) and my military and bench press are almost 75lbs higher.  I love quantifiable data that proves what I am doing is working :) (yes I’m a nerd, you didn’t know?)


2 – Metabolic Conditioning isn’t just for fat loss


Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate cardio – heck, just scroll back through the last couple of blog posts and I’m sure I’ve blasted it at least a few times.  What I do like its metabolic training and metabolic conditioning.  Up until the last few months of 2012, I always saved this technique for a “cutting phase.”  However, since being introduced to CrossFit I can officially say that if programmed properly that metabolic conditioning (Met-Cons) can not only enhance fat loss, but lead to quality muscle gain.  Later this week I will post an update to client Mike Simmons’ progress – prepare to be amazed at what Met-Cons have done for him.


3 – When traveling, backload


One of the perks of my job and lifestyle is that I get to travel a lot.  That is also one of the downfalls.  I absolutely hate packing food (to all my clients reading this – yes I feel your pain) and am constantly being taken to dinners and events when I do travel.  Enter “Carb Backloading.”  Earlier this year I got to spend a week in San Francisco with the man himself John Kiefer.  First of all, Kiefer and the whole DH crew are some of the coolest people I have ever met – they are the real deal.  Second, I learned a lot about the application of carb backloading and how awesome it really can be.  Today I still practice a form of “backloading” although now its more caloric based, not macronutrient based…but the principles are still the same and I’ve adjusted it to my life and my schedule.  Once again:  Kiefer, you are brilliant – I’m waiting to watch DH take over the world :)


If you are interested in Carb Backloading ===>  BUY THE BOOK HERE  <===


4 – MAT rocks


Towards the end of the year I was introduced to my buddy Todd.  This dude is a freaking GENIUS when it comes to the human body.  Over the last couple months, he has been working hard on my body using Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) and let me tell you it has paid dividends.  As many of you know I am no supple leopard (K-Star) but even with my limitations, Todd has helped me take my performance to a  whole new level.  If you are in Florida, or heck even if you aren’t – check this guy out  www.advancedmuscledynamics.com  He truly loves what he does and would love to hear from you.


5 – Start with Why


Those of you familiar with Simon Sinek will recognize this as the title of one of his best selling books this year.  Thank you to Jana Holland for sending me a copy over the summer, and literally opening my eyes with it.  I speak about this concept a lot now, but if you know WHY you are doing something, I can assure you its always an easier and more rewarding task.


6 – The supplement scam


Over the last year I really have had my eyes opened to how much of a scam the majority of supplement companies truly are.  I won’t go into great detail here, but  I will only stand behind one company and that is Nutrabolics.  Rodney and the guys on his team are first class in terms of quality and efficacy, their stuff does what they say it does with no extra hype.  If you try something and don’t like it, contact me and Ill make sure you are taken care of – hows that for backing a company?


7 – Time, not money


“Ill waste my money before I waste my time” – not sure what rap song thats from but I know I hear it quite often while driving.  Let me tell you this couldn’t be any more true.  I value my time and structure my time these days to coincide with what I want out of life.  I wake up at 430 for a reason, I train at a certain time of day for a reason, my clients can text and call me at certain times for a reason…everything is done to maximize the efficacy of my day.  I’m not a business coach, so I’ll save you the lecture – but please give thought to this as good time management can make any of your goals way easier.


8 – Give, then Receive


Jason Phillips Fitness started as a gift.  About 6 years ago, I was just answering questions on the internet and now I have a worldwide business.  I attribute a large part of my success daily to my willingness to give.  This past year I gave more to charity than ever, and also helped sponsor a young professional golfer.  I don’t tell you this to impress you, but I do hope that you can look at your life a few things you can give to.  Not only will you make someone’s day, but you will have plenty to feel great about too.


9 – Periodize not only your workouts, but your life


Periodization is used in almost progressive resistance program.  Its no secret that the top athletes in the world use periodization to ensure that they “peak” for their given events (olypics, fights, etc..).  If you aren’t using some sort of periodization blocks in your workouts, START!  This past year I learned the importance of a true deload, and I will never look back.  However, this is also powerful in your life.  You see I know that the first quarter of the year is my busiest, and I can vehemently say that this year I am more prepared than ever.  I took some time in December to relax, and now I’m fully rested and ready to give my clients everything they expect and deserve in 2013.  Make a calendar for this upcoming year and chart out specific events, then plan accordingly to make sure you are ready. (physically, emotionally, etc..)


10 – CrossFit is awesome


OK if I were writing this exactly 365 days ago I may have had a different choice word than “awesome.”  However, that would’ve been ignorant on my part for judging with no prior experience.  For the last couple months I have been only doing CrossFit and have never felt better.  I will blog on this in more detailed within the month, but for now I encourage you all to at least try a workout at your local box – you won’t be disappointed.


11 – Mind over body


JPF took on the “transformation through motivation” moniker earlier this year, in large part because of my realization that the mind is the limiting factor in most transformations, not the body.  We are all capable of doing the work necessary to have the body and the life that we want, but we aren’t all capable of making it happen.  2012 served as a year of proof that anything truly is possible.  JPF went from a small online business, to having a worldwide following.  One of my best friends decided to chase his dream of pro golf, and placed top 10 in first ever tour championship.  I could keep going, but this is already getting to be a  long post 😉  The take away from this – STOP DOUBTING, START DOING!


12 – I’m not sure


There will always be uncertainty in our lives, its what makes life so beautiful.  If everything was predictable it would be boring.  I can’t tell you what the next year holds for you, but hopefully if you re-read the last 11 points, you will be well armed to do anything you want to do in 2013.


BONUS:  13 – Give Thanks


Since it is 2013, I figured we should add a 13th.  Please take  a moment and be thankful today.  I know for me I give thanks daily for such a wonderful life, but even moreso for the family I have been blessed with.  This past Christmas I was given a gift by my father – engraved on it was “my son.  my pride.  my joy”  There are no words to express what this meant to me, but I will tell you that I am overly THANKFUL.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Im truly humbled by the support I get from you all, and am inspired to continue to give back to you as much as I possibly can.  Heres to a healthy and happy 2013!





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  • Scook19

    Awesome blog, cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing coach and friend. To anyone reading this and thinking about hiring Jason as a coach DO IT! I could tell you a million times over how much hes taught me and how much he has transformed my body but the pictures speack for itself. The reason ive stayed with Jason is because of way more than just his knowlegde, he is an amazing person and even though i have not had the pleasure to meet face to face ( YET) his morals and good heart shine through in every email and text. I feel blessed to have found such an understanding and down right BAD ASS of a coach. !